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People believe that their loved ones soul will be preserved until they are buried. Popular Culture and PostModernism. This symbolically spits in the eye of the devil, preventing bad omens or a temptation of fate. Guantanamo and Courland The province of Guantanamo still suffers under a communist regime. Feathers, soot, rotten eggs, curry, shoe polish, and mud are just a few of the horrors in which the couple can expect to be covered.

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Acknowledging a hierarchy of intertextual discourses is, Collins asserts, the natural approach to orienting one cultural form relative to another. From Jerusalem, The Kingdom of Bahrain with its rich history, unique pearls, crafts and oil industry make up for its small size. Next stop is Lamalera, a small village on an Indonesian island where life is orbited by traditional whale hunting and spiritual rituals.

This takes place on the death anniversary of Husayn Ibn Ali. From there, travel to the state of West Bengal which stretches from the shores of the Indian Ocean all the way to the foothills of the Himalayas. This practice can be very confusing to hapless foreign shoppers.

Zimbabwe is a country that has struggled in its quest for political stability. This unusual culture is visible in Solapur village situated in Maharashtra state. We feel that is the way to treat our dead loved ones with respect. According to this culture, husband should carry his wife over burning coal before he enters into their home for the first time.

Man down Russian Drinking Game Now, imagine a game where three men compete to gulp down free bottles of vodka. This is a harmless tradition and is celebrated on marriage occasions. From Belize, travel to a place well known by those that love red wine, Mendoza.

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These traditions and customs have spread throughout local communities and abroad. It has retained its medieval character of narrow streets lined with bakeries. Moreover, it is the improbable combination of post-modernism and popular culture which has undermined that dominant paradigm.

The noise is said to drive the calf away. For one thing, it is generally believed that the best day for the ceremony to take place is on Thursday, since Friday is the holy day among Muslims. This is fun and strangest festival that still exists in the world. Jo is fascinated by various cultural traditions across the globe. Living with the Dead This type of odd culture is followed by few ethic groups in Indonesia.