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Also, the choice of plot in the latter half of the book is something not seen in many books and deserves recognition. Alice Ware is finally returning home to Yorkshire, after an extended stay with friends in France. The pace of the narrative felt slow and laborious, as if it were being dragged out, unnecessarily. Historical fiction, Downton Abbey, love triangles, life changing decisions. Her parents are quite wealthy and want her to be independent.

Alice is not a particularly

The book is set at the turn of the century and is mainly set in the idyllic Yorkshire countryside. She has just received news from a lawyer that due to circumstances, she is the closest living relative and it is she who has inherited Deepdale Manor. It becomes hard to enjoy a book when you don't feel a connection to the characters and this was a big issue for me personally. Much has changed since she left, but the most exciting development has been the arrival of an elegant new neighbour, Emma Cheevey, who has inherited the estate next to their home.

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Meanwhile, Emma Cheevey sits alone in her own home miles away in Scotland, while her husband and sons are away in the military. Emma is old and wise and has the chance to start life anew with circumstances that have fallen into her lap. The main story revolves around teenage Alice and the difficult decision of choosing between two very different, but equally charming suitors. Her parents, Sir Robert and Lady Cecilia, welcome her home. The book suffered from poor editing and I spotted several spelling and grammar mistakes in the text.

Tread Softly Alice is a beautifully crafted romance novel, with characters that I found myself rooting for right away. It felt like a short story, stretched to fit a long book. The sentence structure seemed odd at times, especially during conversation, and was bad enough to affect the flow of my reading. Despite being the main protagonist, we don't see very much of Alice in the first half of the book, as the focus seems to be mainly directed toward her new neighbour, Emma. This is my first Jessica Blair book and I was delighted.

Alice is not a particularly likeable character and seems shallow and immature, flirting with both brothers in turn. She has just received news from a lawyer that due to circumstances, she is the Historical fiction. The book is well-researched, with plenty of interesting period details which add authenticity to the narrative. Blair has a knack for setting the scene perfectly and has certainly chosen some beautiful locations for the backdrop to her story.