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The law mandates access to buildings, information, and communications for persons with disabilities. Opt for an Uber when all else fails. Tap into the city's frenetic energy when you use our guide to plan a Hong Kong trip. Air pollution is an increasing concern in Hong Kong.

Prime timing for a trip falls around mid-October to late December, when temperatures are still mild and Chinese tourists swarming in for the week-long national holiday have left. Congested vehicle traffic and mainland factories pump out ozone, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides, leading to a visible haze in the atmosphere on most days of the year.

Hong Kong makes a first impression like no other place on Earth. Good medical facilities are available, and there are many Western-trained physicians in Hong Kong.

Despite efforts to

Despite efforts to improve accessibility, Hong Kong continues to be a challenge for those with physical disabilities. Make sure your health insurance plan provides coverage overseas. As the world's most vertical and arguably futuristic city with high-tech transportation, it's a fascinating place to explore. All the aforementioned rides can be paid with a simple tap of the Octopus card, which can be topped up at metro stations and convenience stores.

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