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Touching America's History by Meredith Mason Brown download in iPad, ePub, pdf

His interpretations are resolutely whiggish and

Weapons, pictures, wood shavings and other artifacts are sitting next to his couch that would have a curator salivating. Rather than examining artifacts associated with a particular event, place, or socioeconomic group, his choices are based on ownership and personal associations. His presence is especially strong in the last three chapters, which concern twentieth-century artifacts.

History Nonfiction Things you can see and touch can bring to mind the time when the items were made and used. This guy's house must be like a museum. Without unifying qualities rooted in historical processes, opportunities for meaningful analysis are nonexistent.

Having said that there are

His interpretations are resolutely whiggish, and he seems unaware that the American story may be something other than a tale of incremental progress over time. Having said that, there are other parts I am fascinated with and some parts I have a curious interest about. Most have personal associations with Brown, either through ancestry or other connections. Brown makes no attempt to study the physical qualities and social roles of his artifacts, which robs him of valuable strategies for uncovering historical meanings. William Preston, in whose arms Gen.

The book does not contain any gratuitous information and there are no pictures. Brown has written a book that will interest members of his family and close friends but is unlikely to have a broader appeal.

Brown thus imparts nothing new to knowledge of the histories he tells. Although he writes in a clear and lively style, he makes no attempt to situate his subjects historiographically. That is why I only liked this book, it was because I could skim and I could put it down and I could sleep without wondering what would have happened if things had gone differently.

His examination of the mnemonic power of artifacts is equally feeble. You are not currently authenticated. It is about the human spirit, fear, dedication, and courage of the men and women who rose to the challenge that day.

Once the domain of specialists, object-based analyses are now common in many fields. That just has a random feel to it and I find it amusing.