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There is no information in the study to indicate whether or not records are kept in a language accessible to most of the appropriators. Appropriator teams for the resource are always formally organized. At least one member has assumed entrepreneurial activity in trying to achieve coordinated strategies in relationship to both withdrawal and investment highly confident. No appropriators are in radio communication with each other while appropriating from the resource inferred. At the end of the period of the study, there were no problems of pollution in this or other resources due to the way units are being appropriated inferred.

Differences between subgroups relating to caste identification does not exist inferred. It is unlikely that local appropriators would attempt to bribe an official if an official monitor or guard moved to impose sanctions educated guess. The general estimate for the number of official monitors on duty at one time during peak hours was highly confident.

During this time period members have invested resources, such as their own labor, in maintaining or improving the structure of the appropriation resource inferred. Complete information is available regarding the strategies used by key groups interacting with the system. The elevation of this location is meters highly confident. The system's sector is that of water.

There are total appropriator teams appropriating from the resource. Within one generation of potential resource appropriators, entry rights can be transferred to members of a family but not outside the family. Since the beginning of this period, the appropriators are exercising or attempting to exercise de jure effective closed access to this resource. Appropriators get together to discuss mutual problems of the resource daily highly confident. Boundary Rules The following rules define the requirements that must be met before individuals are eligible to harvest or withdraw units from the appropriation resource.

The appropriators have an intimate knowledge of the characteristics of this resource inferred. Appropriators may temporarily lose their entry or appropriation rights for breaking rules related to the appropriation of the resource. There is not frequent contact and communication between people in this location and officials in a nearby administrative center inferred. Considering that there are multiple subgroups using this resource, most of the appropriators withdraw units after all other subgroups have withdrawn i.

At the beginning of the period there was a general estimate of some undocumented number appropriators. Furthermore, the authors have provided sufficient data to formulate a structured coding process. If a basic charter of a traditionally evolved local general purpose government was in existence, it could be maintained highly confident. Investment into constructing or improving production or distribution works for maintaining or improving their resource has been made by members ambiguous.

During this time period members have

Throughout the duration there were no changes made in operational, collective, or consititutional rules. During the period of time that this region was studied, the citizens of Tanganyika were able to follow formal procedures to create their own local general purpose governments ambiguous.

Most people in this subgroup are very dependent i. The study did not indicate whether or not the relatively worst off appropriators have or have not been cut out of their benefits from this resource or substantially harmed. Rights to participate in management of this resource are not held either de facto nor de jure highly confident. Given the economy of the location, the average annual family income including all non-monetary forms of income is considered high educated guess. Gender identification causes no difference in composition inferred.

Complete information is available regarding