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He is a man of great passion, somewhat hot tempered at times but not ballistic and he loves his family very much. Rexanne Becnel has written another fine Medieval that is as engrossing and evocative of the Medieval period as Dove at Midnight. She is to live only for him and no one else is to come between them. Now its up to her to save her family by duping Axton and finagle a way into his home and heart through his lust.

But the strength that Linnea has gained in her time with Axton allows her to confront her family, seeing them in a way she had never done before. So he's redeemed in my eyes.

But I was treated horribly for all my life. He may be a bullying lout, but he was a sweet, desperate in love, bullying lout, so I forgive him.

True there's not

True, there's not much she can do when her lord of the castle husband lays down his feudal law, but still, there was always that nightshade option. The Middle Ages were a time when women were thought to be without honor, incapable of it. As he journeys to he Maiden Bride by Deborah Simmons starts out with Nicholas de Laci brooding over the injustices done to him. She is a brave, proud and hardworking woman who is doing the best she can, saddled with her lout of a husband. Even though it probably sounds like I didn't like this book, I did.

All the worst that Linnea expects from Axton comes to pass. While this reviewer believes that Linnea deserved a scene or two of Axton defending her, that is a minor quibble. Throughout the years of battle and losing two brothers and a father it has turned him into a hardened man with but a goal in mind, whereby he lost the need for laughter and joy. Linnea, the false Beatrix, is in quite a fix.

The Middle Ages were a