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The Healing Secrets of Food by Deborah Kesten download in iPad, ePub, pdf

She came to the Tree of Life because of the holistic approach and thorough support. However, you can cure yourself from many more chronic illnesses with raw food. The stories here are success stories about raw food and diabetes. That's when decided to do the juice fasting.

He tried all the medication to get rid of it. They were told by their doctors that this horrible disease is not curable. She's so exited about the program. That helped for a while, but then, her blood sugar went up, and up, and up. Her blood sugar went down to normal levels within days and she doesn't need medication anymore.

On the first day he got rid of his medication. During the fast she was never hungry, and the fasting was very easy. Today, she's so, so happy. Will these people miss their steaks with french fries, sure they'll miss them. In addition to a very productive week of all over body, mind and spirit transformation we support the fasting-cleansing process with a full course of classes and private counseling.

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She believes, her diabetes was caused by stress and lack of exercise. If you'd like to learn more about the juice fasting or about the tree of life center for diabetes and balancing your blood sugar levels you may contact the treeoflife. First she took homeopathic medicine.

Then, her son found out about this raw food diabetes program. She even gets weekly meetings with other raw food people in her city. Today, she cured herself from diabetes, she does no longer need any medication.