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Here, the versioner portrays Rumi as depicting a post-orgasmic facial expression. Portraying Rumi as mentioning such statues even as a metaphor of the beloved is unfortunate.

The moon comes from its quiet corner, puts a pitcher of water down in the center. This court of ours is not a court of despair.

And in the paths of sufism that view the mystic seeker as the lover and God as the Beloved, it means a true dervish. Translations from secondary languages into English of variable reliability have been made by Nevit Ergin from translations into Turkish from Persian by Golpinarli. Another over-sexualized interpretation of verses which refer to praise of God and nearness to Him, or praise of the human beloved and the nearness of his invisible presence to the lover.

To portray Rumi asFor someone vaunted as being an

For someone vaunted as being an Oxford- educated scholar, this is a very dishonest interpretation. To portray Rumi as prostrating in worship to a star is absurdly contrary to Islam and Islamic mysticism sufism.

Mevlana condemns sodomy and effeminate behavior in numerous places in the Mathnawi. At night I laid with You and I didn't know. See my limitless pain, but for God's sake don't say anything. This is one of the most frequently quoted poems attributed to Rumi, but is not authenticated as his and it is also not in the earliest manuscripts of the quatrains attributed to him. But I was entirely You, and I didn't know it.