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However, I find Windows more useful for the day to day running of my business. This is more work than I'd usually do in a month. So I can sneak up on my enemies. He recently learned how to text. This made him grumpy from an early age.

My owner left it on the floor, and I managed to drag it all the way out into the garden before he caught me. This is the kind of stuff I have to put up with. It hasn't really improved my life. Whenever I licked it, it gave my tongue an electric shock. His hobbies are sleeping, eating, staring aimlessly into space, and occasionally barking at things that have fallen over.

My owner left it on theThis is the kind of stuff

Now I feel like I want to cry. Also, most of it tastes awful. Plus, I look hilarious and sexy in glasses. He's paying for it obviously.