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Genus name comes from hydor meaning water and aggeion meaning vessel in reference to the cup-like capsular fruit. It is among the cold-hardiest of all, and also very tolerant of urban pollution.

Garden locations Culture Best grown in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. And they keep coming for several months, so you'll see all flower colors present at the same time. Well-branched, rounded, and bushy, it makes a huge impression in not much space, with large, bright green, toothy leaves that keep it handsome long before and after bloomtime.

This cultivar is very similar to H. Provides late summer bloom when few other shrubs are in flower.

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It thrives in urban conditions. In full bloom, the weight of the flower panicles will typically cause the branches to arch downward. This is one of the most winter hardy of the hydrangeas. Aphids and mites are occasional visitors. Beginning in early summer, long, thick, pointed wands begin arising, packed with florets.

Problems No serious insect or disease problems. Give it full sunshine only in the northern edge of its hardiness range, opting for dappled or afternoon shade farther south and west. Can be trained as a small single trunk tree, but is best grown as a large, multi-stemmed shrub.

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With this PeeGee, you get big blooms on a compact shrub. Larger flower panicles can be obtained by thinning the plants to primary shoots.

Add the fact that these flowers open lime-green, then quickly turn creamy white, soft pink, and finally darkest red, and you have the makings of a showstopping garden or container display. Also effective as a lawn specimen, accent or hedge. Garden Uses Mass or group in the mixed shrub border or open woodland garden. Some susceptibility to bud blight, bacterial wilt, leaf spot, rust and mildew.

Untroubled by pests and diseases, it is among the easiest of shrubs to grow. Cut all you like for fresh or dried bouquets, but save a few for garden enjoyment too.