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Strategic Change and Transformation by Swarup Kumar Dutta download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The two change programs had failed where the transformation program succeeded. But it is something that needs to be constantly monitored and maintained.

Transformation does not require any external influence to maintain, and because of its fundamental nature, transformation is more likely permanent. Debunking the superhero myth Yesterday's leadership theories are not keeping pace with the velocity of today's disruptive marketplace. Yet, some of them do not achieve the desired results or they simply fail outright. Change uses external influences to modify actions, but transformation modifies beliefs so actions become natural and thereby achieve the desired result.

The new science of moving organizations

He can be reached via email at John. Change is about using external influences to modify actions to achieve desired results. Transformation is an internal fundamental change in your beliefs of why you perform certain actions.

Transformation is about

The new science of moving organizations forward As human nature makes it difficult to speed up the way individuals change, the way organizations manage change must transform. Transformation is about modifying beliefs so that natural actions achieve the desired results.

Well, some groups do, but that is a different article. Think about your unsuccessful change programs. Here is an example of why this difference is so important. Every one of these processes has an owner and metrics and involves continual improvements.

Organizations are seeking a new model for the age of agility. You do not put them in place and hope for the best.