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Bill Bogot, a Chicago-based lawyer who specializes in gaming law. We discuss how and why that happened. Sportswriters at news organizations like The New York Times must have investigative reporting skills and knowledge of global politics. Philip Hersh is a world-renowned expert on the Olympics, international sports and the politics of global sports. When several members of the St.

In amongst all of this, the current climate of political instability, scratch the surface and sport has been at the forefront of the political discourse. With links to the Middle-East, urban regeneration and a number of innovative sport-based public sector health partnerships. Traditional powerbases in sport are shifting, the global south with economic resources and political will have a growing influence over sport regionally and internationally. We also look at the merits of a federal whistleblower case in Washington, of which Armstrong and his former team managers are defendants. On Capitol Hill, that sports business blatantly wields its power to get what it wants, and often succeeds.

In sport too, the new powerhouse of English football and arguably the richest club in the World resides within one of the most deprived areas of England. Many in sport are waiting in anticipation for continued elite sport funding and the following investment in community and grassroots sport. Perhaps this is embodied in the decision for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Manchester, however, punches above its weight, particularly in cultural production. Because, in many cases, they have more power than politicians.

In the Olympic world, sports help give nations credibility and also can spark international conflict. We discuss the future of fantasy leagues and whether they should be legal.

We discuss how Armstrong wielded his political power and why politicians were eager to support him. The conference brought together an a breadth of sports covering grassroots to elite contexts across a number of disciplines. Yet those days might be coming to an end. Vecsey is an expert on the history and inner-workings of international soccer. China wanted to prove the strength of its country on a global stage.

We discuss how

In the justice system, sports figures are, perhaps more than ever, at the center of major criminal investigations because they once felt invincible, but are no more. Manchester is a global city that offers a creative and vibrant environment for cultural and sporting consumption.

The conference brought together

My good friend, Kitrina Douglas highlighted on Saturday that if we want to live in a world where people matter, then we have to create that world ourselves. Stepping back, we take a look at how Lance Armstrong became so powerful when he started out as just a bike rider.

For nearly three decades, he was the Olympics reporter for the Chicago Tribune. The global and national landscape of sport are not immune to these processes and in many ways prefigures the society it represents. For good and bad, the sports world is bigger and more powerful than ever, with athletes wielding more and more influence over our culture and our politics.