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Melissa yg seorang Princess yg ga sah jatuh cinta dengan Prince Christian. Hanya saja ketika dikonfrontasikan ke Sophie dan Phillip, saudara tiri si heroine, mereka malah tdk tahu soal pernikahan yg diatur tsb. Unmarried women were not allowed to leave the home of their father without permission.

These were sexual partners of an even lower status than a wife was. Finding none suitable, God created Eve out of one of Adam's ribs. They could not appear in public venues. They could not testify in court.

Sayangnya ada bagian yg juga bikin gw bingung, ketika Chris menuduh bahwa Mellissa melakukan manipulasi perasaan, bahwa pernikahan mereka adl pernikahan yg diatur dari awal. Married women were not allowed to leave the home of their husband, without permission.

They were not allowed to talk to strangers. By implication, all of their descendents are would have the same power imbalance between spouses.

Tapi sayang si Chris ini taunya Melissa merid krn pingin jadi ratu di Thomas Isle.

Adam's role is to be Eve's master. Jehoram, Joash, Ahab, Jeholachin and Belshazzar also had multiple wives. Women's behavior was extremely limited in ancient times, much as women are restricted in Saudi Arabia in modern-day times. Jadi agak bingung ketika dikaitkan bahwa Melissa melakukan kunjungan berbau politik. This is perhaps the most misogynistic pair of chapters in the Bible.

Melissa yg seorang Princess yg gaHanya saja ketika dikonfrontasikan