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Reinterpreting the French Revolution by Bailey Stone download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Blanning on the originsHe discusses the anticorporatist

Indeed Stone is at pains throughout to moderate any drift in that direction. This interpretation is based very heavily on a reading of T. It is the very obviousness of this point that ends by grating somewhat. The work is organised into five substantial chapters, and a briefer conclusion.

Blanning on the origins of the revolutionary war are similarly leant upon extensively. He discusses the anti-corporatist bias of the Constituent Assembly by rolling all its enactments erroneously into the Le Chapelier Law of June p. Crowning this with the apparent total collapse of internal authority made the task of bringing France back to a position of national strength not so much urgent as desperate. It would be going too far to accuse this book of taking the French state entirely for granted, or of decisively downplaying social change in favour of state-centred continuity. Stylistically this is effective, and the work as a whole is clear, cogent, and often trenchantly expressed.

The third and fifth of these are characterised as two attempts to stabilise the Revolution, divided by a period when events were revolutionising it. Xenophobic rage and patriotic pride were mixed in an explosive cocktail, topped off with a healthy dose of revolutionary optimism about the military prowess of the unfettered French.