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Pirate McSnottbeard in the Alien Slug Invasion Panic by Paul Whitfield download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Emilie and her brother

However the book is far more abou This is, to be perfectly honest, a rather mad book. With their cat, who can someone communicate with them.

This is a

Emilie grew on me this time, and Will has a few in-jokes again that worked and built up. There is a plot to this book - sort of. Big fun illustrations among the text.

And each chapter is filled with both text and lots of illustrations. Lots of gooey stuff, dungeons and aliens, adventures and pirates yes, there are back - the title hints at it, of course. The book begins in a fun way with Emilie giving us some facts and introducing herself and her brother before moving onto the story itself.

Emilie and her brother Will wake up one morning to find a lot of slime in their home and their parents gone. This is a funny book with a very silly story. As Emilie and Will board an alien slug ship to rescue their parents a lot of mishaps and silly things happen to make things more difficult.