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With the development of radio

The harbours are beyond the belief of anyone who has not seen them, and the many great rivers give good waters of which the majority bear gold. Seemed plausible to invert the official information and make another true to be heard, free from money and power. This sort of privatisation of radio space is also a criminalisation of aesthetics, as the infrastructure used by many to express themselves is determined by institutions. The culture or the subject would be here the form of the universal, the nature or the object the form of the particular. On top of this, the power source for continuous operation of radio stations can be provided by a simple scheme of solar power photo voltaic.

Translated by the authors. The responses and resistance came, according to Michel de Certeau, as tactics. Cortografias del Deseo, Madrid, Ed.

All quotations from Lima are

With the development of radio, the electromagnetic sphere has gained an increasing centrality in techno-political processes. All quotations from Lima, are translated by the authors.

While strategy is able to produce, map and impose, the tactics can use, manipulate and alter. Nielsen Book Data Subjects. Since ancient times, when conceived as ether or the fifth element, mankind has been fascinated with the natural and technical aspects of electromagnetism. The sound and the auditory experience alters the disposition of the listener. That is the reason for the strong connection of the free radio movement with the anti-asylum movement, sex worker demands, feminist policies, and other new social movements.

Landscape here is seen as a procedure of symbolic and practical action. It is a fact that the bit rate that this coupling provides does not permit the transmission of very large files, neither can it be used as a substitute for access to the Internet. In his perspective, tactics refers to ordinary acts and speeches that defy the construction of a domination and the matrices of power. Naming and writing, although important, are less decisive than the speech, the spoken word and the oral experience.