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Norman Bray, In the Performance of His Life by Trevor Cole download in iPad, ePub, pdf

It's at this

They are artists who never compromise and we are not. We'd ignore them if we could but they won't let us. So, with some effort, he manages to feel sorrier for her than for himself.

They insist on making their larger-than-life presence felt in the smallest of circumstances. This is a remarkable achievement, a book to be cherished both for the depths of its ironies and the breadth of its responsiveness. He will make a point of it. Au contraire, the Norman Brays of our world are anything but common.

Besides, they do have a talent to amuse and charm in small and endearing ways even if we only ever get their full attention by putting their name in front of whatever we have to say to them. The title character in Trevor Cole's brilliant and side-splitting funny first novel, Norman Bray in the Performance of his Life, is an aptly named jackass.

Much to his surprise

It's at this point that Norman Bray comes to life as a knight of doleful countenance, who has more in common with Cervantes's protagonist than he has ever imagined. Much to his surprise, she has found a blue collar lover who is unwilling to have a cuckoo foul their basement love nest. At the novel's hilarious opening, Bray is lunching at The Skelton Arms prior to taping new episodes at a Jarvis Street studio.