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It would be a few years before Neslishah made headlines again but this time in an altogether different context. But even before the launch of the regency Princess Abdel Moneim's working schedule went beyond ribbon-cutting ceremonies and command performances at the Cairo Opera House.

But as expected of a princess with six centuries of imperial breeding behind her Neslishah bravely weathered the storm. Even her sisters were absent having chosen the path of exile early on. It was as though Egypt's new military regime saw a bogeyman in every last remaining ex-royal starting with the ex-regent's family.

After all, she was an imperial princess and the granddaughter of Sultan Vahiddedin. But the flare-up would not pass quietly.

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Imperial duty won the day. Throughout his jail period Namuk was comforted and propped up by an unrelenting Neslishah. The book has also a lot of photos of Neslishah and family. The first choice was an experience she knew well since her own family had been deported from Turkey back in when strongman Mustafa Kemal declared the republic. Despite being confined to a wheelchair the sultana had lost nothing of her former splendor and imperial graciousness.

Namuk was re-sentenced and sent to Torah prison. He had allegedly succumbed to a heart attack in prison. Thus yesterday's First Couple became social pariahs. When Egypt was declared a republic in the Abdel Moneim's were forced into early retirement and social oblivion. The headlines had a field day and once again the princess was dragged into the tussle.

An unflinching Neslishah Sultan soon appeared at Prince Namuk's re-trial answering head-on accusatory questions laid out by Nasser's officer-judges. Sixteen years later on her marriage to Prince Abdel Moneim, the son of the last khedive of Egypt, she became a princess of the Egyptian royal family.

But even before the launch of

Every other week she appeared at the gates of Torah Prison allowed a brief visit with the fallen prince. For the next nine months Regent Abdel Moneim and his imperial-born consort were the official symbols of the monarchy's last days.