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It argues that Islamophobia in these countries is largely the result of domestic socio-economic and political issues, rather than the international narrative against Islam and Muslims. Avoiding this trap, Abu-Nimer has given us a wide-ranging and thoroughly researched study that will be of interest to scholars and of use to peace builders. The Bengal Sultanate was one of the major Islamic states established after the Muslim conquest of the Indian subcontinent.

Arakanese kings adopted Islamic titles and struck the Bengali taka. Min Bin Zabuk Shah conquered Chittagong. This article seeks to better understand Islamophobia in the Asian context through the case studies of Myanmar and Malaysia.

Min Saw Mon was styled as Suleiman Shah. Several of them remain, and these are the main attraction of Mrauk-U. The city area used to have a network of canals. The outcome of the inquiry will provide useful analytical tools in studying Islamophobia within the Asian context. Waithali became a wealthy trading port.

There are innumerable pagodas and Buddha images all over the old city and the surrounding hills. Hence earlier dynasties are thought to have been Indian, ruling over a population similar to that of Bengal. The third case study discusses the obstacles and challenges facing professionals who provide peace-building and conflict-resolution training and initiatives within the Islamic world. The city was the center of a large trade network linked to India, China and Persia.

However members of Shuja's entourage

However, members of Shuja's entourage remained in Arakan and were recruited by the royal army, including as archers and court guards. Thoroughly revised, the Second Edition of Peace and Conflict Studies sets the new gold standard as an accessible introduction and comprehensive exploration of this vital subject. It became one of the earliest Indianized kingdoms in Southeast Asia.

Historical ethnic tensions, economic gaps between different communities, state-initiated religious persecution and the rise of right-wing religious organizations will be discussed in this regard. They were kingmakers in Arakan until the Burmese conquest. Arakan was one of the first regions in Southeast Asia to adopt Dharmic religions.

Thoroughly revised the

To illustrate the actual practice of these values and principles of peace building, the book analyzes three case studies, drawing from the political, sociocultural, and professional arenas. As a prominent capital Mrauk U was carefully built in a strategic location by levelling three small hills.