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Tombstone - Nellie Cashman's Restaurant - Customers here have reported countless instances of playful pranks since frontier days. She follows them as they walk the halls. But the majority of the stories revolve around a nun on the fourth floor. Both officers were beaten and stabbed to death.

There are reports of cold chills, and the strong presence of a spirit who would follow you throughout the back part of the club. On a number of occasions, when guards would lock all of the doors in the cellblock, they would find doors open between inmate counts.

On a number of occasionsThere are reports of cold chills

Lockett Road - There are reports of a tall ghost of a man standing next to the bed in this room. By the light of the moon, some teens say they saw a set of three gravestones one large in the middle and two small on either side that were not there in the light of the following day. He rearranges products at night, knocks over things and makes the upstairs floorboards creak at night.

Some say she looks scared, as if she was running from something. She told her dad one night, and he looked out the window by her bed, to the tree house directly where she said it was standing, and did not see a thing. More maintenance and upkeep is needed in this park, but it was sufficient for us. As it spun around, the pressure of the metal and hard dirt floor crushed him.

Tucson - Hotel Congress - One of the rooms in the hotel is haunted by a man who had a heart attack and died. It stopped in front of the wall when a light was shined in that area. There were footsteps reported coming from upstairs, when the second floor was gutted and empty. In fact, he said the whole time he has worked at this hotel, not once were there any reports of hauntings. Some years ago, a few teenagers were playing hide and seek in the graveyard.

Originally a house, it was turned into a convenience store, and then into Manuel's. Every year there has been a man seen holding a lantern, trying to hitchhike to Phoenix.