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Helping Children with Their Feelings by Elizabeth Crary download in iPad, ePub, pdf

You said you want your Mommy. Once he feels and expresses them, he will let them go and move on. This will help them cooperate with the parents and make them feel better. Seven-year-old Voula has been up since dawn jumping around excitedly. The same idea works with other difficult feelings like nervousness or fear.

Explain the feeling by using easy words they can understand. This will encourage them and show them that it is okay to talk about feelings. Try to address their issues constructively and give them time to explain their point of view and then close the subject. Using picture books is a great way to illustrate the feeling. Talk about feelings when playing games, eating dinner, or riding in the car.

This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. Talk about feelings when playing games, eating dinner or riding in the car. This will stop the situation from escalating. In fact, you might be amazed at how affectionate and cooperative he will be once he has a chance to show you how he feels.

It allows them to choose how they will respond. Notice feelings Before we can learn how to control feelings, we first have to notice them.

This article was published by Michigan

Describe emotions they see around them with words so they are able to identify them as well when experience them. It helps them learn better, relate to others better and feel better about themselves. When Voula gets wound up it can be difficult to keep things under control. They can be quickly taken over by feelings of excitement, frustration, fear or joy.

Understanding that feelings affect behaviour, and being able to recognise how this happens are important steps for learning to manage feelings. Instead, they sometimes express these emotions with their actions, which may not always be appropriate.

Talk about feelings