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It is recognized that, for the success of this new partnership, it is important to overcome confrontation and to foster a climate of genuine cooperation and solidarity. This improvement of market access will be facilitated by appropriate structural adjustment in developed countries. The commission should decide in March on the indicators to be used, and arrangements have also been agreed to govern follow-up and review in the years ahead. World trade has continued to grow faster than world output in recent years. We are a recognised authority on a vast array of economic, social, environmental and development-related statistics.

The interactions between environment policies and trade issues are manifold and have not yet been fully assessed. While they are widely perceived as a success story, and certainly mobilised increases in aid and other resources, tracking progress in the early years was hard. An open, multilateral trading system, supported by the adoption of sound environmental policies, would have a positive impact on the environment and contribute to sustainable development. Environment and trade policies should be mutually supportive. The reactivation and acceleration of development requires both a dynamic and a supportive international economic environment and determined policies at the national level.

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Our organisation is renowned for its statistics and has been at the forefront of global innovations in statistical methods, systems and dissemination for over half a century. These are all remarkable successes.

Foreign private investment and the return of flight capital, which depend on a healthy investment climate, are an important source of financial resources. Accessibility is also key. Therefore, all countries should implement previous commitments to halt and reverse protectionism and further expand market access, particularly in areas of interest to developing countries. This is where WorldLoop steps in.

Economic policies of individual countries and international economic relations both have great relevance to sustainable development. The Millennium Development Goals have already been a great success. Some countries have already benefited from the combination of sound adjustment policies and commercial bank debt reduction or equivalent measures.

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Economic integration processes have intensified in recent years and should impart dynamism to global trade and enhance the trade and development possibilities for developing countries. Therefore, the efforts of the developing countries to promote economic cooperation among themselves should be enhanced and continue to be supported by the international community.

An integrated approach is crucial for progress across the multiple goals. In this regard, particular attention should be paid to the agreements on cocoa, coffee, sugar and tropical timber. It thus provides additional resources needed for economic growth and development and improved environmental protection. The removal of existing distortions in international trade is essential. As the renowned Hans Rosling remarked, statistics are not for the bookkeeping of the state, but should be understood and used by the people.

Increased attention is being devoted to enhancing the role of enterprises and promoting competitive markets through adoption of competitive policies. However, account should be taken of the fact that environmental standards valid for developed countries may have unwarranted social and economic costs in developing countries.