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Elementarschule und Pädagogik in der Französischen Revolution by Hans-Christian Harten download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Up until it is more frequent that an author points at either a general or an adult addressee. The enunciated themes, although they are not present in all republican catechisms, appear rather frequently. In a modern perspective it would be called propaganda.

This element underlines once again a strong interest in this period for topics concerning the sacred in my sources. Michelet used it partially.

Up until it is

It is very helpful because it can be used with reference to a single word, or to many words linked together in a single meaning. The general ephemeral character of the majority of catechisms should make us reflect upon their persuasive nature, which is something present although not always very effective.

The enunciated themes

Moreover it is very common to find divine invocations to protect the homeland-nation. It caused many revolts and a general insubordination by the catholic clergy and by many believers.

All the translations from French are mine. This aspect consists of a subversion, in textual fiction, between the person who asks and the one who answers. Plus I would like to point out that the presence of patriotic prayers in revolutionary catechisms of the monarchic age is lower than in the republican ones. Yet since this problem is related to a global interpretation of the revolutionary moment, it currently remains devoid of a commonly accepted conclusion. Nonetheless a considerable amount of texts allows us to make some considerations about staging this ideal relationship between the authority and an individual.