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Opponents challenged her, and she struggled to overcome self-imposed fears and limitations. Then, other times, she would purposely part my hair crooked or way off center so that the hairstyle looked crazy.

Her plan was still a good one, and she was going to do everything she could to make it successful. She would roll her eyes to show her annoyance. He married her using the name Bernard Leslie and left her when she was four months pregnant with me. Mom took out a loan on our home and paid fifty-four thousand dollars to buy her own big rig.

Mom, Dionne, and I each had our own rooms. Her work clothes were neatly ironed and ready to wear.

It was a crazyTechnically I was

This was not playful wrestling. When I would hear her car pull up, I would open the bathroom door and see Dionne standing there. Mom would walk into my room and close the door behind her. At the same time, Lisa's home life, though loving, was unstable. Whatever basketball genes I did get probably came from my father.

It was my private, special place. She also learned she could retain her femininity and throw a few elbows too.

It was a crazy time for all of us. Technically, I was born in Gardena, but that is not where I am from.

She knew that she liked to talk and loved to travel. Her positive outlook always seems to come out strongest when my family goes through difficult times or when one of us needs an emotional or spiritual lift.