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By the s an increasing number

An acceleration of the growth rate would lead to a declining share of the primary sector usually excluding extractive mining activity in N. The era of modern development is commonly deemed to have commenced with the inauguration speech of Harry S.

He is an authority on the history of colonial West Africa. Secretarial assistance has been provided by Salford University Department of Economics, and we also thank the Department of Geography for preparation of maps and diagrams. This relationship with studies of human security is but one example of the interdisciplinary nature of development studies. In any event, the economic growth record over c. In my view what is now surfacing is serious misgiving about the utility of Liberal-Orthodox formulations with respect to both of its principal objectives, i.

This source of criticism from without can be contrasted with the elements of disquiet from within the Liberal-Orthodox tradition. His special area is the economics of developing countries. Their economic life is primitive and stagnant.

The editors are most grateful to the Development Studies Association for the support it has provided, both for the research workshops and for the preparation of this volume. Since then, it has become an increasingly inter- and multi-disciplinary subject, encompassing a variety of social scientific fields. His research on Southeast Asia was undertaken at the University of Birmingham. Their poverty is a handicap and a threat both to them and to more prosperous areas.

More than half the people of the world are living in conditions approaching misery. By the s, an increasing number of development economists felt that economics alone could not fully address issues such as political effectiveness and educational provision. First, economic development came to mean a process of structural change resulting from a sustained rise in per capita incomes. Following a reasonably thorough and detailed investigation of the course of recent economic change in the West African state of Liberia, Robert Clower and his team of associates G.

We wish to express our gratitude too, to the contributors who have demonstrated great forbearance, and who have suggested a number of changes which we have tried to incorporate into the book. They are victims of disease.

More than half the people of

Dr Nicholas Westcott carried out his research at the University of Cambridge, and is now employed in the Foreign Office. The age of interdisciplinary effort had, it seemed, now dawned. Shorn of the details, and without engaging in too much parody and caricature, we can reduce the Liberal-Orthodox position to the following basic elements. Harwitz and, surprisingly, A. It comprises people who for one reason or another wish to raise the status of historical work within development studies, seeking to redefine the scope and enlarge upon its role.