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In the two countries examined, care has been taken to make the bureaucracy representative of subgroups in society without sacrificing merit. So both in the domestic and in the international sphere the rules of the game changes in ways which provide increased autonomy to domestic actors. There are more countries today than ever before with some measure of democracy.

Political scientists and theorists believe that the third wave has crested and will soon begin to ebb, just as its predecessors did in the first and second waves. Political elites made attempts to construct such a notion, eg. If it is not closely connected with deeper rooted changes it does not mean very much.

It was more or less assumed that a severing of the ties to the old colonial master, the metropolises, would take care of the problem. In one sense, this takes us back to the problems addressed above, about nationalism and political community.

Some other countries have had democratic transitions however, such as Tunisia and the Gambia. The similarity between the two phenomena inspired hope for a fourth wave of democratization.