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Sometimes I reallyAll the chapter

All the chapter titles have No. Sometimes, I really recognize the James Bond I know. The characters are more engaging and I actually found myself tied up in the Cabal organization, figuring out who was working on the side of good and which had been turned.

And if you've ever wondered if James Bond uses condoms, unfortunately you find out in this book. Sometimes, I think Gardner loses him. It's why he barely misses a beat going after Blofeld after Tracy is murdered.

He shows apathy in the face of utter despair. The relationship with Easy Saint John doesn't work for me, nor does the abruptness of the way the relationship ends.

That of course tells a story in itself. Nevertheless, as is a habit of Gardner's last few Bond novels, there are some unforgivable sins. It's why he leaves a life with Kissy as soon as he realizes who he is again.

To my way of thinking, the death of Tracy is too big a wound for any subsequent Bond Girl to heal. Vesper, Tracy, and possibly Kissy in his amnesiac state. This Gardner book could make for a great movie.