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If he succeeds, the De Interpretatione will henceforth be read as preparation for the Topics, rather than for the Analytics. The book then proceeds through the De Interpretatione, chapter by chapter. If it is true that there will be a sea-battle tomorrow, then it is true today that there will be a sea-battle.

Contradiction and Dialectic C. Of contradictory propositions about the past and present, one must be true, the other false.

Contradiction and Dialectic C

An affirmation is single, if it expresses a single fact. This is known as the problem of future contingents. One payoff of this book is to place the sea battle discussion in its Aristotelian context. These relationships are the basis of the well-known Square of opposition. An affirmation is an assertion of something, a denial an assertion denying something of something.

The distinction between universal and particular propositions is the basis of modern quantification theory. When he does, for example in a very short discussion of the relation of problems and propositions in the Topics, the results are illuminating. Nouns and verbs on their own do not involve truth or falsity. For if so, nothing takes place by chance. Whitaker follows the De Interpretatione chapter by chapter in the remainder of the book.

Of contradictory propositions about the

But when the subject is individual, and the proposition is future, this is not the case. The De Interpretatione's discussion of contradiction thus provides the theoretical background essential for dialectic. The relation between such propositions. You are not currently authenticated. The first five chapters deal with the terms that form propositions.

Every simple proposition contains a verb. The sentence is an expression whose parts have meaning. He instead insists that it is contradictory pairs, not single assertions, that are being tested by future contingents.