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North American crayfish species Infected North

Potential pathways of spread were summarized in a preliminary study. Traditionally, crayfish parties take place in August of each year, which almost all Swedes participate in. Therefore, the livelihood of anyone involved in catching and trading of crayfish was affected. Therefore every translocation of North American crayfish into previously A.

Data on the economic impact of

Routes of introduction into new geographic areas will be most likely through the import of North American crayfish for food, the aquarium trade or for aquaculture purposes. The range of transmission pathways is more limited in areas where North American crayfish do not occur in the wild.

In medieval Europe crayfish caught in rivers were a highly esteemed food resource. Crayfish plague has unparalleled severity of effect, since infected susceptible crayfish generally do not survive. The risk of further spread of A.

North American crayfish species Infected North American crayfish do not show any behavioural changes. Data on the economic impact of these historic introductions of crayfish plague are not available. The impact of crayfish plague on a native crayfish species is fairly well documented in Sweden. Crayfish have also been widely traded across Europe. The crayfish parties still take place nowadays, but a large proportion of crayfish are now.