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All the information about American Indians and American Indian languages was written by Orrin Lewis, Laura Redish, or our friend Nancy Sherman, who has kindly agreed to let us use them.

We have tried to provide

List of Native American books and other resources by and about American Indians. In Canada and the United States, only about half a million native speakers of an Amerind tongue remain. Some of the links we provide are more useful than others. Our goal is to make it easier to learn about, preserve, and revive Native American languages by using the Internet. List of links to North American Indian tribes.

We have tried to provide the most complete directory of Native American Indian language materials available. Thank you for your interest in Native American languages. Partial chart of the original and current names of North American Indian tribes.

Maps of Native American culture areas of the Western Hemisphere. Also, you have our permission to cite this information or pass it on to others in any way that would be useful. The vast majority of these speakers live in Central and South America, where language use is vigorous. Partial list of North American Indian tribes including state-recognized tribes.