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Competitive Regionalism by Mireya Solís download in iPad, ePub, pdf

This paper seeks to explain why two overlapping yet diverging mega-regional trade deals emerged in the same region at around the same time. Agriculture and textiles play a central role in determining welfare outcomes. This means analysing regions in their pursuit of new policies, partnerships and styles of representation.

Agriculture and textiles play

Skillfully combining sustained theoretical ideas and empirical analyses, the work underlines the strategic interaction explaining the race to free trade agreements. Both are currently still under negotiation, and once concluded, will potentially shape the future of economic integration in the region. This paper contributes to the analytical and theoretical literature on economic regionalism in general, and offers insights on the current state of Asia-Pacific economic integration.

This paper seeks to

This recently developed theory not only integrates realist and liberal arguments, but also takes into consideration domestic interests in influencing the mega-regional trade negotiations. Latin America in Comparitive Perspective. Solis, Stallings and Katada and their contributors seek to answer this important question in this theoretically sophisticated volume.