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Despite the loss, Third Day soldiered on, releasing Revelation in July of that year. Arctic Monkeys performed a cover of the song during the Summer Olympics opening ceremony. It was Lennon's only full-length concert performance after leaving the Beatles.

Despite the loss ThirdArctic Monkeys performed a

Organic electronica with wild beats and deep basslines. The song has also surfaced on a number of Aerosmith compilations and live albums since then, as well as on the soundtrack for the film Armageddon.

The duo added bassist Tai Anderson and drummer David Carr from another local band, and recorded some demos. There is no computer and whatever is played goes into the looper exactly how it was played real time. Exploring tribal rhythms and natural ambience. He was backed by the band Elephant's Memory.

Blunderbuss Beats, brass and bass music. In Weller recorded a new version of the song as part of a double A-sided single.