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Army and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt by Christelle Fischer-Bovet download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The above-mentioned family-tree therefore has to be devided A. Andrews, The Rosetta Stone. Still holding it Kallimachos I could improve his position especially by being promoted to the office of epistrategos of the Thebais some time before the year B. In Ptolemais, one of just three Greek city- states with internal autonomy in Egypt, Kallimachos could perform as a classical Hellene, acting for his own glory and for the city's benefit.

Their focas exclusively lays on the king. Some of these texts are included in the book, but many of them are simply cited.

The loan-word srtjqws or the like seems to be intentionally avoided. Farid had announced under No. They had to take the responsibility for police- and military-actions against Egyptians and therefore had to be particularly trustworthy for the crown. This differs from earlier scholars who often saw the Ptolemaic empire as a an aparthei This is a deep, extensive study of ancient warfare and its role in society. Reproduced with a few alterations and a French translation by A.

For this purpose he commissioned one or more scribes familiar with the Egyptian and Greek inscription-formular to record the donation. Mooren, Aulic Titulature Nos. This differs from earlier scholars who often saw the Ptolemaic empire as a an apartheid society. In his article he correctly stressed the A.

Andrews The Rosetta StoneThe abovementioned familytree

This situation refers especially to the officers in the ptolemaic army. Etudes sur I'armde et I'administration lagides, Stud. This is a landmark book and shows a deft control of the scholarship about this period. Avoided are all the Egyptian priestly titles that dominate the hieroglyphic and Demotic versionls. So he took part in the royal cult concerning the deified Ptolemies with the epithets Euergetes and Philopator.

Bengtson, Die Strategie in der hellenistischen Zeit. He very often mentions his aulic title although in Augustus'times it already was an anachronistic Ptolemaic relic.